SOBvMAX - cartografia nautica su PC - Windows con carte C-MAP by Jeppesen


    SOB NMEA Sentences and Keyboard Shortcuts  

SOB is designed for full function via a touchscreen, additional ease of use is experienced with a mouse (or other pointing device) or the many keyboard shortcuts built-into SOB. A cordless mouse with a middle-wheel is highly recommended to streamline your interactions with SOB.


NMEA Sentences Processed by SOB



 Ship & Nav

  • GLL GPS Position (Global Latitude & Longitude)
  • GLP Time and Position
  • RMB Rec minimum navigation information
  • RMC Rec minimum specific GPS/Transit data
  • VTG Course/Speed over Ground
  • VHW Course/Speed over Water
  • HDM Compass Heading
  • HDT Heading True - Gyro Course True
  • HDG Heading, with Deviation and Variation
  • ZDA Time and Date

 GPS Data

  • GGA GPS Fix data (not all fields supported)
  • GSA GPS dilution of precision and active satellites
  • GSV Satellites in view
  • SGD Accuracy


  • APA Autopilot format A
  • APB Autopilot format B
  • BOD Bearing - Origin to Destination waypoint
  • BWR Bearing and Distance to Waypoint (Rhumb Line)
  • BWC Bearing and Distance to Waypoint (Great Circle)
  • XTE Cross track error


  • VPW Speed with/against wind (VMG) in knots
  • VWR Apparent Wind Direction and velocity
  • VWT True wind direction and velocity
  • MWV Wind Speed and Angle
  • MWD Wind Direction

 Depth, Temps & Misc

  • DBK   Depth below keel
  • DBT   Depth below Transducer
  • DPT* Depth & Transducer offset
  • DBS   Depth Below Surface
  • MTW  Water Temperature
  • VLW   Distance Logs
  • RSA    Rudder sensor angle


  • RSD   RADAR System Data
  • TTM  Tracked Target Message (ARPA/MARPA)
  • TLL   Target Latitude and Longitude (ARPA/MARPA)
  • TLB   Common Target Label
  • VDM  UAIS VHF Data-link Message
  • VDO  UAIS VHF Data-link Own-vessel report
  • ABM  UAIS Addressed binary and safety related msg
  • BBM   UAIS Broadcast Binary Message
  • SSD‡ UAIS Ship Static Data
  • VSD‡ UAIS Voyage Static Data
  • DSC   Distress & Position report
  • DSE   DSC Expansion Information

 Text, Alarms and Messages

  • TXT Text message
  • ALM Alarm message
  • ALR  Alarm state
  • AAM Waypoint arrival alarm

 Waypoints & Routes

  • BWW Bearing from Source wpt to Destination wpt
  • WDC  Distance to Waypoint (Great Circle)
  • WDR  Distance to Waypoint (Rhumb Line)
  • WCV  Velocity Made Good to Waypoint
  • ZTG  Time to go to Waypoint
  • R00   Waypoints in active route
  • RTE   Waypoints in active route
  • WPL  Waypoint location

 Proprietary Sentences

  • PSOBI   SOB "Inquiry" sentence
  • PSOBA  SOB "Alarm Module" settings
  • PSTOB Dataline : Battery Volts
  • PFEC Furuno : for sending Waypoints to SOB
  • PGRMZ Garmin : Altitude

    NASA Marine : AIS Engine settings
  • PNMLS Received message threshold
  • PNMLV Version ID
  • PNMLT Threshold set
  • PNMLC Channel set

    GpsGate Online
  • FRSES  Session ID
  • FRRMC  Single "buddy" position report
  • FRPOS  Multiple buddies' position report
    Magellan GPS
  • PMGNVER Make/model/version information
  • PMGNCMD Command message
  • PMGNWPL Waypoint transfer
  • PMGNTRK† Track transfer
  • PMGNRTE1† Route transfer

*  This sentence includes a manually set "offset" from the transducer to either the surface or bottom of keel. If this value is not present, SOB will print a warning to the Messages Panel.
  Used to upload AIS static data to the AIS radio. And for some DSC VHF radios (ie ICOM) can be used to upload MMSI, etc to the radio.
  Not currently implemented (as @ Feb09)





SOB Keyboard Shortcuts





  • [R] enter Manual Target position Report

  • [S] Race Start form

  • [Shift-T] Tidal Stream predictions tool

  • [Ctrl-T] Toggle Tides and Tidal Streams display On/Off


  • [Space] Refresh chart display and tool drawings, centre ship.
  • End auto-centre mode (if enabled)
  • [Space+Space] place Wpt at ship's position
  • [Arrow keys] pan the chart
  • [Enter] Quick Object Info mode
  • [I] and [O] zoom in and out
  • [Enter] , [Space] enable Auto Centre mode
  • [Backspace] PastTrack form
  • [Tab] Dampen & Calibrate form
  • [Alt+Space] Go to exact position
  • [Ctrl+Space] Show Talking Pilot form
  • [Ctrl-A] toggle Animated Lights
  • [Ctrl-G] toggle Graticule
  • [Ctrl-M] start Man Overboard mode
  • [Ctrl-R] Reset the chart display


  • [Ctrl-Shft-Y] Show isomagnetic graph (Mag Var)
  • [J] & [K] change Year used for MagVar graph


  • [F1] Help Screen list of keyboard shortcuts
  • [F2] Toggle Chart Levels Toolbar
  • [F3] Toggle Chart Toggles Toolbar
  • [F4] Toggle Depth Shading
  • [F5] Display Depth Spot Soundings
  • [F6] Toggle Chart MixLevel Mode
  • [F7] Night-Mode Settings
  • [F8] Toggle Declutter Mode
  • [F9] Display Ship’s Settings Form
  • [F10] AllWaypoints Form
  • [F11] AllRoutes Form
  • [F12] Toggle Perspective View


  • [A] start/stop Anti-Grounding
  • [B] show Chart Borders form
  • [C] hide/show Cursor Box
  • [D] start/stop Dead Reckoning
  • [L] [R] steer the ship Left or Right
  • Press [Shift] to toggle 1° or 10° steps
  • [+] [-] add or subtract 2.5kn to speed
  • [F] toggle Fastdraw mode (rarely used)
  • [G] toggle GRIB Viewer
  • [+] [-] cycle loaded F'cast periods
  • [B] toggle Wind arrows big/small
  • [N] display the Raw NMEA Data form
  • [P] hide/show Printing tools
  • [T] display the Targets form
  • [V] hide/show View Panel menu
  • [W] toggle Wind Tools


  • [1] Hide/Show Main toolbar
  • [2] Hide/Show Status Bar
  • [3] Perspective View (3D View)
  • [4] Depth Shading form (use with [F4])
  • [PgUp,PgDn, Home, End]
  • Set depth area colouring
  • [Ctrl+F4] cycle alternative chart palettes
  • [Shift+F4] show highlighted depth range
  • [5] Toggle Pointer colour (Blue/Yellow)
  • [6] Toggle Datum Shift
  • [7] Toggle Ship's Bells
  • [8] virtual-zoom mode (rarely used)
  • [9] Fixed-Scale/Level-Changing zooming
  • (rarely used)
  • [0] (zero) Reset chart scale










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Programma SOBvMAX 8.56 Versione completa (110MB), valutazione gratuita 3 mesi. Con carte demo C-MAP MAX.

Aggiornamento a SOBvMAX 8.56 da versioni precedenti (24MB).

Programma in ITALIANO SOBvMAX 7.25. Versione con carte demo (76MB).

Programma in ITALIANO / INGLESE SOBvMAX 7.63. Versione senza carte demo (6MB).

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